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After the rise – Lyrics

শিরোনামঃ After the rise
কথাঃ তাহসান
কন্ঠঃ তাহসান / তাশফি
অ্যালবামঃ উদ্দেশ্য নেই

This man I am, this sinner within
The time has come for me to rise finally
You are not alone, I’m ready too
The time has come for us to rise finally

This is a reason we have been called
A calling that we shared
The time has come to rise above despair
The greed and lust we celebrate
The selfish lives we lived
They brought us down, but finally we see

There’s a God in us all
The source of peace and endless bliss
All we have to do is rise and be with thee

The endless greed, pursuit for more will end as we rise
It will make room for gratitude
And we will be just free after the rise

It is not the end, the fight is still on
It is hard to see beyond the vague reality
The things we teach brew greed and regret
The cluttered thought still wins as we rise finally